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Seeberg Health - Klinik


Pain-free, rehabilitation.

Short waiting time - No doctor reference needed - Physiotherapy and training from the same person.

Troels Seeberg, Seeberg Health Profil

Meet your physiotherapist

Authorized Physiotherapist

Certified Personal trainer
Nutritional coaching

Hi, my name is Troels Seeberg. I am the owner of the clinic, Seeberg Health. I specialize in helping people get pain-free, from treatment to rehabilitation after an operation, to typical lower back pain issues, long-term pain, or other body issues. A session with me consists of a thorough conversation that leads to screening and examination, which consist of training exercises.

A first-time consultation is 60 minutes to ensure we cover all areas. Thereafter, consultations will be 60 or 30 minutes depending on the issue and progress. You can also book a 90-minute session if you feel like we need more time. That is something we can evaluate in our first conversation.

In the last decade, I have taught, treated, and trained clients to reach their goals. This has been possible with practical experience in the clinic and always keeping up to date on the latest science and countless courses. This assures me and you, that you will receive the best possible treatment and help you achieve optimal goals.

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Klinik, Seeberg Health

Seeberg Health

Be pain-free and get rid of your problems with a sustainable solution.

Seeberg Health is Physiotherapy clinic on Østerbro, Copehangen and Marbella, Spain. The clinic is connected to a fitness gym where quality is a priority. This is because Physiotherapy cannot work with only hands-on therapy whereas the gym is used for rehabilitation, training, and review of exercises.

Counseling and guidance directly to you where ever you are located. We do a thorough screening and a talk, you'll go through tests and get exercises to work with until the next meeting. 

Consultations start from 15 minutes. 

15 EUR. quarter started

Online physiotherapy 

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