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Online træning Seeberg

Online training

YOUR training is always with you!

Seeberg Health Online
Seeberg Health Online


Online courses

All courses are a minimum of one month.

You can always write me directly through the message function in the app. The program will always start on a Monday after payment is received.

When buying an online program, the program will be made specifically for you, so from ordering it can take a few days for me to make it and it will always be with me as your coach so I know you and the program. 

In a course, you always have the option to contact me directly as your coach if you have questions or other challenges like a difficult exercise or something else with your training. Furthermore, you can also get direct feedback on a video you do of an exercise in the app, if you are in doubt about technique, etc., if needed.


Add-on in the program if you would like to have monthly video chat follow-ups which will take place in the App, Skype or Zoom. A follow-up will be standard 30 minutes.

When buying one of the following online courses you will accept terms and conditions for online training, see terms and conditions here or in the process of buying.

The App and exercises, auto messages are in English. 
Messages and feedback can be in Danish or English.


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Troels Seeberg, Seeberg Health

Meet your coach

Certified Personal trainer

Authorized Physiotherapist
Nutritional coaching

I will help as many people as possible, but sometimes distance or budget interferes with that. Therefore, you now have the option to get my services online through the App. The quality will be the same, and I will be with you the whole way.

Through the years, I have searched all over the internet for the best training app, which has resulted in me being able to offer you the market's best App. In the App, you will have access to videos of every exercise performed by me, a detailed text description for each exercise, and an option to add reps and weights. Furthermore, the App will track each training session, so you can follow your progression. In the App, there will be a direct message function where you can ask questions directly to me in a given situation in the gym or later.

An online course can be all online or combined with 1:1 training sessions in the gym or outdoors.

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