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Whatever you need when it comes to getting you into a healthier position in lifestyle, weight-loss, being accounted for, mobility, etc.


Look no further; this is the place you'll find the help you need. 


Strength training

Challenge yourself with a specific program for your arms, legs, core etc. and bring yourself out of your comfort zone. If you want to get stronger and more muscular you need to push yourself that extra step. With the basic program for your body you can challenge yourself in new ways and follow the progression. If you need a specific and unique program made from the scratch you can apply for that and I’ll make sure you’ll get what you need to reach your goal.

Mobility Training

Do you have any restriction when it comes to moving your body smoothly or are challenge in a strength movement like a squat or just want to be more flexible?
This unique way gives you access to my App with specific mobility program for the different joints that you can buy directly, or if you want a specific mobility program for you, you can apply for that and we’ll make some great programming so you can reach your mobility goal.

Accountability Coaching

You want to make changes to your life in a better and take a healthier way for your everyday life, but you need help in doing so. I am your coach and will help you on the way by cheering, give you guidance and help you when everything seems impossible.

You’ll get access to the online App, with reminders, challenges, direct message system and many more things.


Are you having difficulties loosing weight in your pursuit of your dream body and health? Small weight-loss to bigger and can help and guide your with both. Forget all about difficult diets, specific macro nutrition stuff and learn how to deal with a normal everyday and what can challenge you to obtain a weight-loss and still live a ‘normal’ life. You’ll have access to my App with your on specific profil, platform and message system where all your data and more can be shared with me for optimal results.

All in one!

You are in need of everything or one option isn't gonna cover it for you. Then apply for a unique packaged where I'll make sure we find the perfect fit for you.

I can assure you I'll do my best to help you!

Only I can do as much as push you, cheer you, guide you, but is it all up to you if you are ready to really make changes!