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Therapeutic treatment will take part through the body as one. First an in depth history of your training and injury and thereafter a movement screening for muscle control and balance. 
If there is a dysfunction that eventually gives you pain or limits you daily living and activity, then that is with my knowledge and the science to support, something that can be treated through manual work, education combined with active movement and controlled training.

I strive to always be updated on the latest science. Which make me able to give you the best kind a treatment for the best outcome. With my experience that often happens by looking at the whole human body and to be open for many of the current techniques and skills combined with the new science. Therefore, we need insight into your nutrition, sleep, time off, stress-, activity level and at last the mental state, which gives the best picture for upcoming treatment.

A treatment session at Seeberg Health will be of several elements which include working manual with the muscles, active strength training and endurance/stamina and other areas like breathing, organs, nutrition and the mental state.   

Physiotherapy takes place in a clinic office called Kiropraxis with chiropractors and other health professionals to optimize the best results. 

About Troels Seeberg

Education / Experience

  • Autorized Physiotherapist from Metropol Copenhagen

  • Certified Personal trainer with over 8 years of experience

  • Z-Health Movement Certified since 2011

  • Crossfit / Functional Teacher / Coach


  • Pain rehabilitation

  • Fundamental screening and rehabilitating:

    • Ankle

    • Knee

    • Hip

    • Back

    • Shoulder

  • Balance (Rehab for the vestibular system and vision)

  • Performance optimizing

  • Optimizing healing response

  • Respiration for performance and stress adjustment


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