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Pain-free, Rehabilitation, Sports injury and more

Each session consist of a in depth conversation, examination and exercises for subsequent. The body is unique and needs to be look at as a whole, so we will go through more aspects in the conversation for best outcome. 
At the end in the session you will get some home exercises. These will be given as text to you in your mail the following day. Depending on the findings in the first session it can be recommended to start a process with training to optimize and prevent any relapse. 

No matter you current position you are more than welcome to contact me without obligation if you have any doubt of what to do and you can ask your questions. 

Notice: Exercises do not include the work of a written program.

Extra fee for 250 kr. for the time to make a program of exercises  to be send as an PDF fil. 


At your first visit in the clinic you need to book Physiotherapy - First time consultation 90 minutes.

90 minutes session for a thorough screening and history taking leading up to your injury to secure for the best treatment. Furthermore movement screening, examination and treatment.

First time consultation 90 minutes


Follow up treatment after you have been through the first consultation. Manual treatment, supervised training and follow up interview.

Normal consultation of 60 minutes


Follow up consultation. Will be evaluated after normale consultations and 30 minutes are sufficient.

Short consultation of 30 minutes


Conversation with test for screening and self-examination. Guidance and exercises for rehabilitation.

Online / Virtual consultation Skype 30 minutes
First time consultation


Progress from first session and further screening / test and additional exercises.

Online / Virtuel consultation Skype 15 minutes
Second time consultation