Online Physiotherapy

What is Online Physiotherapy and how does help you?

Like anything else we all have a busy schedule and something that's always difficult for us is taking the time to visit the doctor, physiotherapist or dentist. So I want to change that to help you get back on track quicker than ever. The science for pain management and treatment for injuries/pain or other problems is changing and have already changed over the last decade. The passiv treatment is old and more healthcare professionels are sifting tactic. You need to be evolved in your rehab and take action. 

We all know that process when you need a professional healthcare worker like a Physiotherapist. You need to go through your doctor, schedule a visit, take free from work to do so. At the doctor you'll get a referrel to use at a clinic. Now you need to find a clinic and after that wait for a open session. Again you need to take free from work to go to the clinic. 

All this is what I want to make easier for you. 

With a througly talk, screening and test we will make sure that you are ready for 

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