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My vision

That result-creating training, treatment, counseling, and rehabilitation are carried out in a safe and holistic setting and that the client is met by the same professional throughout the process.

Troels Seeberg, Seeberg Health

Certified Personal trainer
Authorized Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy and personal training

With more than 10 years of experience training clients and teaching classes, I can say that I have built a solid foundation to help clients achieve their dream goals. Furthermore, I have for the last 5 years been working as a Physiotherapist in my own private clinic. Combining the training and physiotherapy with nutritional guidance I am able to guide and help you reach your goals.

Troels Seeberg, Seeberg Health

Who am I?

What keeps me going and where is my passion coming from?

My passion for being active and training has always been something I have enjoyed since little and through my teen years growing up with everything from badminton, gymnastics, football, skateboarding, and later running marathons and doing obstacle races and strength training with some CrossFit as well.
At the moment my focus is gymnastic movements with ring training and bodyweight, which I find both difficult and funny. The main goal is to keep a strong, mobile, and healthy body that can keep me going even when I am old and able to play with my son. 

I grew up in a small town on the west coast of Denmark (Jutland) but have been living in the capital Copenhagen for the last 11 years. 

My drive is to help people and be a part of their lives when it can seem difficult with managing their pain issues or help and motivate them to get stronger and healthier. Push and guide them closer to their dreams and goals or ‘just’ being able to move around every day without pain. In my eyes, everything is meaningful and can have a big impact when you together reach your goal and see your passion come through.

In my years I have learned that we have one choice. We can stay where we are and accept our current conditions and not being able to fulfill our wishes for better health or a pain-free daily living that properly just get worse over the years or we can pull ourselves up and be a part of creating changes in our lives, like being pain-free and healthy and able to play with our kids, grandkids go on hikes.

Changes don’t happen overnight and that's why I focus on creating long-term solutions.

My opinion is that my early start at a young age with work and the many courses and education I have acquired through my life and over a decade of helping people with their pain, weight-loss, general health, and getting stronger makes me the best at what I can offer and thereby help other to become their best regarding pain and health.

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