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Company solutions and lectures

Training can be individual or in classes / teams. The training can take place at your company address, which demand there is enough space and equiptment for this. Equiptment can optionally be brought along for smaller classes. The training can be organized for specific whishes and can be based on the co-workers and how to optimize their body function for office work or maybe training for teambuilding.


Examination and treatment for co-workers in the company if there is a available room for this.
Examination and treatment for co-workers there is send to the clinic.

Workshops / Lectures:

Events focusing on areas like office challenges  as issues at the office desk like how to sit correctly.
Office training for the purpose of how you through the day can minimize tense shoulder and more

Nutrional counseling:

Serveral companies are taking actions in healthier cantines for their employees, but few people know how to handle to eat healthier in their normal living outside the office. The counseling will develop easy tools tools to handle the healthier lifestyle outside workplace and with few actions can be enough to make big changes like more energy and handle stressed work better.

To clarify and offer the best solution for your particular business, it would be best to have a telephone conversation or a meeting.

Company training can be offered as team classes, smaller group training or individual training.

Training at your workplace, in a gym or other places.

from 1000 kr.

Company Fit training

Physiotherapy for workplace is the best solution for your employees , as they will get a quick treatment and that will get them back to work much faster than normal. For all session your employees will get exercises they can perform at the office.

Quick treatment and exercises for workplace.

from 650 kr.

Company Physiotherapy

Get advises and counseling on how your co-workers best and easier can handle how to eat healthier without getting to much work in by counting calories and measuring food. They will get easier tools to add to their daily living and how to apply the healthier lifestyle and nutrition.

Optimal and manageable advice for a healthier life.

from 1000 kr.

Company nutrition counseling and healthier lifestyle