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As you just read, Troels is an experienced coach and have from the last 10+ years learning a lot about different ways to adjust and help people with their health goal and where they still can keep a day with work, kids and social life working. 

Troels is keen to be updated on the latest scientific evidence for training, nutrition, coaching, and rehabilitation to be able to give the best for his clients. 

Maybe you have already had the thought about why he is offering online coaching in Marbella Spain when he is based in Copenhagen Denmark and that is a good thought. 
Troels is planning to move to Marbella asap and in the meantime already wants to start helping people in here and build a network.

With years of experience, Troels is self-employed and has helped over 500 people getting better and closer to reach their dreams goal. He is a certified personal trainer and authorized Physiotherapist. He has worked as a CrossFit instructor, functional trainer, teaching seniors classes, doing treatment for low back pain and other injuries and health issues. 

As Troels says... he is not just the typical PT, he is a teacher, that teaches and educates people on how to train and manage their training so they can 'stand on their on legs' and know how to combine workouts, etc. 


Your coach is not just a typical coach. Troels Seeberg has more than 10 years of experience in coaching and teaching clients for a better healthier lifestyle all from strength to larger weight loss. He is also working as an authorized Physiotherapist in his clinic in Copenhagen with training facilities and has been doing this for the last 5 years. He wants to be able to help even more people and has had great success with offering online coaching for nutrition, strength, mobility, accountability coaching, and rehabilitation. Yes, even online physio stuff !!


Started very young by working as a receptionist and like a natural way I just started helping people out with their workouts and gave them guides on how to improve technique, diet, etc. Later I became a fitness instructor back in 2010, which soon led to CrossFit instructor, Certified personal trainer, and as you maybe read earlier I taught many different classes throughout the years. I didn't feel that 'just' my trainer and instructor education was enough so I applied to study for Physiotherapy, which I got my Autorisation in 2017. Since I have taken extra educations and courses related to rehabilitation, strength, pain science, stamina/breathing, biomechanics, etc. I am differently not done with my educational knowledge and I always strive to be updated on the latest science. 

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